Webinar on demand: How to increase efficiency in IVD software development


Recently we hosted a webinar on the topic “How to Increase Efficiency in IVD Software Development“.

Watch the webinar to discover:

 ✔ Understanding Use Cases and Project Development Approaches: The differences between RUO (Research Use Only) and IVD (In Vitro Diagnostic) projects, the benefits of moving towards regulatory compliance, and strategies for transitioning from RUO to IVD or undertaking simultaneous development.

 ✔ Technical Strategies for IVD Software Development: Adapting existing software architectures to meet IVD regulations, using modules and libraries for faster development, and ensuring scalability and interoperability with existing systems.

 ✔ Effective Preparation of Software Documentation: Standardization of documentation templates essential for IVDR certification, identification of essential audit documents, and overview of document structure.

 ✔ Efficient Project Management: Selecting project management strategies based on project complexity, effective planning and resource allocation for on-time and within-budget delivery, and integrating cross-functional teams to enhance productivity and product quality throughout the IVD software development lifecycle.

How to implement 21 CFR Part 11 features into your software

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