Life sciences software development

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By collaborating with us you will

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Shorter development cycle

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proof your software

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Get software
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Powerful software tools and new scientific discoveries go hand in hand

Let’s build high-quality and user-friendly software to solve the most complex problems.

“The easy-to-use C.WASH software and its intuitive design gave us a competitive advantage over the competitors in the field of plate washers and liquid dispensers. Many of our customers stated that besides the high quality of the instrument their decision to purchase C.WASH has been significantly influenced by the software.”

Julia Steinert, C.WASH Product Owner, Cytena

“It was our pleasure to work with BioSistemika. We really liked working with them in a highly integrated product development process. The challenging project required a steep learning curve for us all and time to adjust. However, with BioSistemika’s team, we were able to find the best compromises to achieve a successful modus operandi and reach the defined goals. In addition, we appreciate their professionality, flexibility, adaptivity to changes of plans, and capability of being very helpful, even in the more difficult moments.”

Maria Ricci, Data Analyst and Development Engineer, Spindiag GmbH

What do we do?

Software products from scratch

Software and software integrations for laboratory instruments

Upgrade existing software

Standalone laboratory and medical software applications

How can we support your team?

Software requirements

Our scientists with strong domain knowledge understand the laboratory and research process inside out. We prepare requirements, GUI mockups, development sprint planning, and align the timeline with your team.

Software specifications and clickable prototype

Our UX designers will work with scientists to design an inutitive GUI that is easy to use. Your product will have a high user adoption rate and your customers will commit to using your product long-term.

Proof of concept

We will test high-risk dev tasks, prioritize development tasks, and prepare a blueprint for development.

Project management

Our scientists are experienced project managers, so you don’t have to worry about team management.

Software development & testing

Our hybrid software development methodology enables faster development cycles. We develop and test software in Sprints. You will receive several intermediate releases so your team can test the software during development.

Software maintenance

We will fix any unexpected bugs and maintain your software in the long term. In the fast-changing software environment, we’ll make sure your software product is up to date and that any minor enhancements are deployed without delay. This will secure the trust of your customers in your products.

If you wish to maintain software by yourself, we will make sure that all knowledge is transferred to your internal software development team. 

Software development starts with user requirements

Download a simple checklist that will help you start with your software development project

 ✔  General requirements

   Project requirements

 ✔  Market entry requirements

Our team builds high-level frontend and backend software

Creating great software requires more than just coding. Every project should have a competent team who is overseeing the progress.

Mobile and tablet applications

Enable software notification, real-time data visualization, voice notes, lab gadgets that improve workflow efficiency, … We are strongest in Java, Kotlin, Ionic, Cordova, Angular.

Desktop applications

Most commonly used model for life science applications. Supporting C#, .NET, WPF framework. We are strongest in Windows OS: C#, .NET, WPF.

Web applications

Future proof your software and allow access to your software from anywhere and anytime. Enable implementation of analytical tools to monitor usability. We are strongest in NET core, Ktor, Ruby on Rails, React, and Angular.

Cloud-based platforms

Every life science lab needs LIMS and every scientist needs ELN. Both are cloud-based platforms (SaaS). Cloud platform enables collaboration, quick update deployment, scalability, unlimited storage capacity, and data security. We have developed a proprietary SaaS platform (SciNote ELN) and helped other development teams streamline their cloud development. We are strongest in Azure and AWS, and very comfortable with containers e.g. Docker.

Software integrations

There is no universal standard for software integrations. To support your customers’ diverse laboratory automation setup, BioSistemika can support you on the development of custom integrations and plugin/API development. We have designed powerful web APIs (REST, gRPC, WebSockets) and hardware integrations (simple serial, Bluetooth or USB devices and complex instruments with their own SDKs/APIs).

Database development

Improving data integrity requires well organized data storage. Scientific data needs to be findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable. We can structure your database and make sure your data is well annotated.


Are you planning a new software project?

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