Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia

We are looking for a software development lead to join our ranks.

As a software development lead, your job will be two-fold: on one hand, you will be involved with setting up the technical orientation of the company, and building, managing and elevating the in-house development team. You will be the bridge between the management and the development team, and eventually a member of middle-management team alongside representatives from other departments.

On the other hand we would also want you to get acquainted with our software, team, and our market/customers. Therefore you will be sometimes called to be involved in early phases of software development projects for customized turnkey solutions for our key customers. As part of this, your responsibilities will be choosing the best technology and setting up application architecture per use case of customer’s needs, and then – to a degree – be operationally involved in development activities on the project.

We’re looking for

  • 7+ years of hands-on software development experience, including web applications development
  • Technical leadership – you must be experienced in solving technical problems, see technical challenges before development team and provide solutions before the team hits a blocker
  • Excellent communication and negotiation skills – you are expected to be strong influencer and excellent negotiator, and be good at managing expectations, as you will interact with management, as well as with our customers in early phases of projects
  • Good people skills – you are expected to demonstrate trust, be honest, just, empathic, be able to motivate others, give credit and/or constructive feedback when necessary, resolve inter-personal conflicts, and be able to distribute work to other people without micro-managing them
  • Broad technical expertise – you should have experience across a wide range of technologies, e.g. Java/.NET (Client-side, Server-side, Security APIs, Web development, MVC, ORM, …), be at least familiar with modern web languages (JavaScript/React.js/Angular.js/Vue.js/Ruby on Rails/Python/Golang/Scala/Elixir), Rest/JSON, SQL (PostgreSQL/Microsoft SQL/Oracle/…), Single Sign-On (SSO), Testing frameworks, middleware layer/service-oriented architectures, etc. Primarily we are interested in the high-level programming language experience, possibly in the .NET stack.
  • Familiarity with the quickly-growing DevOps/cloud segment, e.g. Amazon AWS, Heroku, Azure, big-data (Hadoop, Spark, Cassandra), containers, Kubernetes, analytics & machine learning (TensorFlow, …).
  • Good understanding of project management in software development projects and product development process; know in-s and out-s of software development lifecycle
  • University degree from the field of computer information sciences, electrical engineering, mathematics, physics or related natural sciences (or a good reason for not having one)
  • Ability to handle stressful situations
  • Ability to make fast decisions
  • Passion about software technologies – you should be naturally curious about new technologies and frameworks, follow trends in IT industry, and have a vision of how to utilize these technologies in our or our customer’s products and to transfer this knowledge to the team
  • Excellent knowledge of version control systems (e.g. Git, SVN, …)
  • Excellent knowledge of English – you will be using it every day

Your responsibilities

  • Managing and growing the development team inside the company according to your vision; planning the developers’ activities; mentoring developers to fulfill their full potential; knowing the strengths and weaknesses of individual developers; having an overview of the company’s developers-to-projects mapping.
  • Being critical in providing valuable feedback and direction on management level to other heads of departments, challenging business goals with technological implications, and also be vocal and proactive in setting up a long-term technological strategy/orientation of the company.
  • Being involved in early phases of software development projects for customized turnkey solutions for key customers. You will be choosing the best technology and setting up application architecture per use case of customer’s needs.
  • Being hands-on involved with the development activities on critical project/s for key customers.
  • Communicating with key customers and support the sales department for most important deals.

Nice-to-have skills

  • Understand the importance and/or have experience with IT compliance (ISO27001, etc.)
  • Experience of delivering highly scalable, hosted, multi-tenant, high-performance, 24×7 solutions
  • Experience developing applications that communicate/integrate with external devices/hardware
  • Experience with Internet of Things

We offer

We are a young, dynamic team that originated from a startup environment.

We offer a permanent full-time job position, with a six-month probationary period, located in Ljubljana, Slovenia (we are not looking for remote work).

Our working hours are flexible, including work-from-home days.

Team spirit is important to us so we have company trips, occasional travelogues and game-nights.

Your education and personal growth matters to us. Every employee can expand knowledge, skills, learn about new tools on annual trainings (conferences, webinars, workshops, study retreats etc.), work on pet projects and suggest improvements. We also provide a company Udemy license for all your e-learning needs. In addition to that we also offer individual career path development which includes promotions for employees who are willing to take on more responsibilities, specialize into a certain field, or similar.

Salary and financial benefits: in addition to salary every employee receives annual summer-holiday-bonus and end-of-the-year incentive.