Testing & QA

Ensuring software reliability and optimal performance

Enhanced reliability

Consistent operation under various conditions

Improved stability

Preventing crashes and downtime

Performance assurance

Meeting performance criteria

Ensuring software reliability

Our QA and testing teams work closely with the development team to ensure that software is reliable, stable, and performs as expected. We perform both manual and automated testing, covering functional testing, performance testing, security testing, and more.

This step of the software development process is crucial for risk management.

Thorough testing & QA services

Our testing & QA services include:

 ✔ Functional Testing: Verify the software functions according to specified requirements by checking all user interactions and system operations.

 ✔ Non-Functional or Performance Testing: Assess the software’s speed, scalability, and stability under different loads to identify potential bottlenecks and ensure it can handle expected user traffic.

 ✔ Security Testing: Identify vulnerabilities and ensure the software is protected against potential threats through security code reviews.

 ✔ Manual and Automated Testing: Utilize both manual testing methods for detailed exploratory testing and automated testing methods to improve testing efficiency, accuracy, and speed by automating repetitive and time-consuming manual testing tasks.

 ✔ Comprehensive QA Process:

  • Creating Test Cases: Outline steps and conditions for testing each functionality to ensure comprehensive coverage.
  • Developing Test Plans: Define the scope, approach, resources, and schedule of testing activities for a structured process.
  • Writing Test Scripts: Automate the majority of repetitive test cases for quick and accurate execution of large volumes of tests. This not only saves time and effort but also reduces the chances of human errors that might occur during manual testing.
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Comprehensive software development services

We support your software development project at every stage, from software documentation to UX design and cybersecurity, along with many other services, helping you bring your product to market faster.