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Thorough software specification services for effective development

Software Specifications service encompasses detailed documentation and descriptions of how the software system will meet user requirements and achieve its intended use.

This includes User Requirements Specification (URS), Software Requirements Specification (SRS), and Software Design Specifications (SDS).

We prepare these documents in tight collaboration with our clients to establish a mutual understanding of all the details related to the desired behavior and design of the software system and build a solid foundation for risk management.


User Requirements Specification (URS)

URS outlines what the users need and expect from the software. It focuses on:

 ✔ User Needs and Expectations: Clear articulation of user requirements and expectations.

 ✔ High-Level Functionality: Description of the high-level functionality that the software must provide.

 ✔ Performance Criteria: Specification of performance criteria from the user’s perspective.

 ✔ Stakeholder Involvement: Continuous involvement of all relevant stakeholders to ensure requirements are met.

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Software Requirements Specification (SRS)

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SRS contains detailed information and descriptions of how the software system will meet user requirements. It includes:

 ✔ Functional Requirements: Detailed requirements related to features from a user’s point of view.

 ✔ Non-Functional Requirements: Covering technical qualities such as  performance, durability, security, reliability, and uptime.

 ✔ Collaborative Workshops and Meetings: Engagements to gather and refine requirements with clients.

 ✔ Mockups and Prototypes: Visual aids to better understand and verify requirements.

 ✔ Comprehensive Documentation: A detailed SRS document is a basis for system design, development project costs, and the project timeline.

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Software Design Specification (SDS)

SDS contains detailed information on how the software will achieve its intended use by specifying the design of the software system. It includes:

 ✔ Functional Specifications: Details on individual screens, features, functions, and user flows within the software.

 ✔ Non-Functional Specifications: Specifications for user interface elements, technical architecture of the software system, management systems, and similar.

 ✔ Epics: Documents written in the form of Epics, used as a blueprint of how the software will be built.

 ✔ Additional Documents: Preparation of additional documents such as Risk Assessment, Risk Mitigation, and Technical Decisions Document.

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