Protecting your digital assets from cyber threats


Ensuring that data is not available or disclosed to unauthorized individuals, entities, or processes


Maintaining data consistency, accuracy, and trustworthiness throughout its entire lifecycle


Ensuring that data is consistently and readily accessible for authorized individuals, entities, or processes

Secure-by-design approach

We design software with key security properties: confidentiality, integrity, and availability. Our secure-by-design approach begins at the development lifecycle’s outset, incorporating practices such as code reviews, static analysis, and penetration testing.

We implement input validation and sanitization, continuously monitor threats and vulnerabilities, and apply updates promptly. We ensure data confidentiality through encryption and access controls, verify data integrity with digital signatures and audit trails, and guarantee availability through redundancy, failover, and protection against denial-of-service attacks.

We also implement backup mechanisms and devise a disaster recovery plan to ensure data can be restored.

Thorough our cybersecurity services

Our cybersecurity services include:

 ✔ Threat modeling and prioritizing security solutions: We develop a threat model based on risk analysis and help you keep up with the latest developments in the ever-changing security landscape. We also provide security assessments and analyses of existing systems.

 ✔ Security testing: We provide thorough penetration testing and/or vulnerability assessment via a third-party partner.

 ✔ Cybersecurity features build into your software: Standards and regulations such as IVDR and 21 CFR Part 11 require software features that support cybersecurity. We have successfully implemented features like audit trail and access control (user authentication, authorization with user management) that have enhanced cybersecurity and satisfied regulatory requirements.

AdInstruments software

Comprehensive software development services

We support your software development project at every stage, from software documentation to UX design and cybersecurity, along with many other services, helping you bring your product to market faster.