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Software Development Services

Your engineers can focus on core development, we will do the rest

Custom Software Solutions for Your Instruments, Laboratory or In-house Projects


We create custom software for instrument manufacturers, software providers, and R&D. Strong project management guarantees a full traceability of the development process and project delivery on time and on budget. Our domain BIO-IT knowledge helps us understand our client’s needs and makes the conversation with our partners easy and clear.

If you already have an internal IT team, we can complement your existing expertise with our domain knowledge and agility. From our experience combining the benefits of in-house knowledge and flexibility of software outsourcing, the company can release products to the market faster and gain an important competitive advantage.

Who Are We Working With

Instrument Manufacturers

Instrument Manufacturers

We develop custom software for instruments that are used in Life Science R&D, Diagnostic or Pharma labs. Send us a short instrument description or brief User Requirements Specification (URS) and we will discuss further details with you on a meeting.

Software Providers

Software Providers

We develop APIs and connect different platforms. We strongly believe that interoperability will change science for the better and that putting emphasis on user experience results in a stronger competitive advantage.

Research and Development

Research and Development

Working in R&D and need custom software for your company or research group? We can develop easy-to-use solutions for data management, data analysis, or any other dedicated software tailored to your specific needs.

Have an Idea But Not Sure If It Fits Into Our Scope?

We are happy to discuss your requirements even if they are not directly related to our core business.

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