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It Starts With an Idea…

Every business starts with a great idea. But having an idea is not enough, all software startups reach a point, where they need to show off a glimpse of their product. Be it for proof-of-concept, market feedback, demo days or fundraising, having a visual representation of your awesome idea is key. Our prototyping experts will help you get there with customizable mockups and clickable dummies tailored to your specific need.

The best part? You can build on them in the future, so no double work is performed!

How it works

“User adoption depends mostly on the quality of the software design.”

You will get

Software Mockup
Mockups can be used to demonstrate the design of your application. You can use mockups in presentations and on your websites.

Clickable Dummy
The mockups also have some basic functionality. You can click on some of the elements to show users or investors the basic user experience.

Design & UX
Our design and UX team makes sure that your application is designed to the latest standards. For demanding applications, we can also design the advanced user experience.

“Software prototypes let the client, as well as the developer, see clearly how its various features come together. Nothing is left to assumption and nothing gets overlooked.”


We work with startups in all stage of development, from idea to specifications and can provide a variety of prototyping options.

Proof of concept

  • Application mockup with up to 4 screens
  • Clickable dummy with 5 actions
  • Basic design and branding

Development ready

  • Application mockup with up to 10 screens
  • Clickable dummy with 30 actions
  • Custom design and advanced branding
  • Development-ready User Interface design

Do you have specific needs?

Your application is special and so are your goals. Our software design specialist will help you tailor a unique plan for your specific case, so you’ll get the best value from your prototype.

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