Title of the project: Energy efficient processing of (genomic) data on the GPU for a sustainable digital future
Project acronym: GEGAP
Project duration: 9.1.2023 – 8.1.2026
Project partners: genePlanet (SI) – coordinator; Nomnio (SI)
Total project budget: 1.853.914 EUR
BioSistemika grant: 140.733 EUR

The project is co-financed European Union – within Recovery and Resilience Plan.


The goal of the GEGAP project is to develop software solutions for energy-efficient processing of genomic data on graphics processors (GPU). The project focuses on the problem of processing the raw data generated by the analysis of the human genome using the currently dominant method called Next Generation Sequencing (NGS). GEGAP solves key problems associated with long and energy-consuming processing of large amounts of genomic data.

As an expert in regulatory, CE-IVD certification, product validation and testing the tasks of BioSistemika are:

  • Project design in accordance with the requirements of the IVD regulation
  • Design of validation activities
  • Quality assurance design