DigiEvo – Digital Evolution Platform

Project duration: 01.10. 2020 – 30. 09. 2021
Project type: Horizon 2020
Project partners: Altar SAS (FR) – coordinator

Today, we consume more raw materials per day than our planet produces. To overcome this challenge, we urgently need new and improved biotechnological processes, with microorganisms playing a key role. These are the main players in the production of a wide range of foods, pharmaceuticals and medicines, including antibiotics and some vaccines. The goal of the DigiEvo project is to develop an innovative method for accelerating the natural evolution of microorganisms by the French company ALTAR, which enables significantly more efficient, faster and cheaper production of enhanced industrial microorganisms.

BioSistemika’s role:

The role of BioSistemika in the project is the complete digitalization and automation of ALTAR’s breakthrough technology, which will enable its entry into the world market. BioSistemika is defining the roadmap for the digitalization of Altar’s laboratory and then prototype an online cultivation dashboard service.


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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement No 761708.