CytoSolver – Fully integrated, turnkey high-throughput toolset for cardiomyocyte research

Project duration: 01.03. 2018 – 28. 02. 2021
Project type: Eurostar
Project partners: Cytocypher BV (NL) – coordinator, IonOptix Europe (IRL), Optics11 BV (NL)

The aim of the project CytoSolver is to develop a complete solution for cardiomyocyte (heart muscle) research and experimentation, that will increase the throughput for this type of biomedical research by more than 100x and set a new research standard. The proposed innovative solution comprises of first dedicated high-throughput and high-content microscope with integrated data acquisition and management features.

BioSistemika’s role:

BioSistemika’s role in the project is to develop the complete software suite for the state-of-the-art, high-throughput cardiomyocyte screening microscope CytoSolver. In addition to providing the users of the microscope with an intuitive, user-friendly interface, the backbone of the platform incorporates interoperability between the hardware capture (raw data output), data analysis and visualization, and mapping in the electronic laboratory notebook SciNote (