CLOUDSCI – Smart ELN for Life Sciences and Industry

Project duration: 01.06. 2018 – 30. 05. 2020
Projec type: National R&D
Project partners: GenePlanetTataa Biocenter AB
Total project cost: 1.086.962,24 EUR
Total project grant: 652.177,35 EUR

BioSistemika, research and development, LLC, is a spin-out of Ljubljana’s National Institute of Biology (NIB). In recent years, we have developed several smart software environments for diagnostic and molecular biology laboratories that specialize in performing various diagnostic, workflow automation, and data management functions. We, therefore, operate in a niche market segment and have an advantage over our wider competition, mainly because of our interdisciplinary team, composed of experts from the information technology field, as well as experts from the fields of molecular biology, biotechnology, and biochemistry. This combination of knowledge and different points of view makes our products more intuitive to use and allows us to better solve specific issues and problems that arise from our customers that work in the field of molecular biology. In the cross-section of two scientific areas that, at a first glance, seem quite distinct, but are in fact exceptionally complementary, we have managed to identify several different synergies. These synergies could profoundly contribute to, not only the development of medicine and science but also the information technology, especially in the sense of the market’s needs for solutions, specified above. The innovative content of our proposed development project – developing a smart electronic laboratory notebook (ELN) for life science and industry  – is also based on these synergies.

Project aim:

is the development of the intelligent CLOUDSCI electronic laboratory notebook (ELN) platform for Life science laboratories and Industry, offering CLOUDSCI software as a service. We plan to address the everyday challenges of laboratory workers in a completely new fashion and create an intelligent electronic laboratory notebook that focuses on easy integration into the existing work environment. CLOUDSCI’s aim is to optimize work in life science laboratories and increase competitive advantages of European laboratories on global level. CLOUDSCI ELN will enable complete laboratory and project management.

BioSistemika’s role:

BioSistemika’s lead role in the consortium was in the oversight and development of the CloudSCI software platform. In addition to coding and product management, these activities included the coordination of the consortium and project management, resulting in the successful implementation of the project.

The project is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund. More information on the European cohesion program in Slovenia is available here: