Project duration: 1.9.2023 – 31.8.2025
Title of the RRI project: Automated Mass Tissue Production
Project type: Austrian Life Sciences Programme 2022
Official website:
Project partners: LifeTaq-Analytics GmbH (A) – coordinator; G.ST Antivirals GmbH (A); Forschungsinstitut für Chemie und Technik, kurz Österreichisches Forschungsinstitut – OFI (A); BIOSISTEMIKA d.o.o. (SI)

G.ST antivirals

The primary objective of the project is to revolutionize preclinical research by advancing the production of in vitro 3D tissues, thereby enhancing success rates in subsequent clinical trials. Recognizing the limitations of animal models, the consortium focuses on automating and improving tissue cultivation processes to ensure higher quality and reproducibility. By addressing challenges such as low reproducibility and standardization, the project aims to accelerate drug development and reduce costs associated with failed clinical trials. Through collaboration with end-users and industry partners, the project seeks to establish a new standard for preclinical testing, ultimately benefiting both researchers and patients.

AutoMTP unites 4 industry and research partners

LifeTaq-Analytics leads the development of robotic prototypes and digital software for respiratory 3D tissues, BioSistemika creates a Laboratory Management System for enhanced lab digitalization, G.ST-Antivirals targets COPD for antiviral drug development using optimized tissues, and OFIAustrian Research and Testing Institute tests inflammation models for medical device evaluation, expecting cost savings and increased sales.

BioSistemika plays a key role in developing a Laboratory Management System for the project. This system optimizes lab processes, reducing time and waste, enhancing productivity, and promoting environmental sustainability. BioSistemika’s contribution facilitates digital solutions adoption for streamlined operations and environmental responsibility.

Project is funded by FFG – Austrian Research Promotion Agency

(FFG Project Number: FO999898799)