apkNGS – Software platform for automated logging and data management for NGS analysis

Project duration: 07.02. 2018 – 06. 02. 2020
Project type: National R&D
Project partners: Omega Ltd (S) – coordinator
Total project cost: 1.076.243,00 EUR
Total project grant: 473.605,62 EUR

The subject of the project development will be a new software platform for applicable support of collaborative work with DNA sequencing, where it will be necessary to combine knowledge in the field of information technologies and from the field of genetic research.
The Platform for Applied Collaborative Support for DNA / RNA sequencing will support so-called “next-generation sequencing” or NGS. Below is a more detailed explanation of the DNA sequencing technology, which is extremely fast and efficient, but requires intelligent support for data management, which is usually designed and acquired by several laboratory teams at the same time. The mere logging in the laboratory logbook in this case does not allow for optimization of laboratory processes to the extent that IT can provide. IT can provide full support to all laboratory sequencing with the help of a dedicated platform, while simultaneously obtaining data from all personal resources and intelligent sorting.
Currently, tracking, logging, and data processing from NGS analysis are mostly performed on several different tools and systems, which can lead to disparities, incompatibilities, disorder, non-transparency, and even loss of data. Our platform will enable a centralized, interoperable and automated way of working with data in the NGS analysis processes, which will contribute to a faster, simpler, more regulated, and more transparent workflow with NGS analysis.
The main goal of the development project is the development of the “apkNGS” product – a software platform for automated acquisition and management of scientific data in processes with the following characteristics:
– the possibility to work with data from NGS analysis;
– centralized, automated, and interoperable management of data from NGS analysis;
– open source.
The subject of development will be a new product that will contribute to achieving the objectives of the priority area of ​​the S4 Smart Cities in the community, through innovative integration of industrial design into the company’s and product’s research, development, and innovation processes, and shortening the time from idea to market and strengthening the competitive position of companies involved in the consortium and their positioning in existing and new value chains.

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The project is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund. More information on the European cohesion program in Slovenia is available here: www.eu-skladi.si.