Academy of sustainable and circular transformation

Project duration: 1.3.2023 – 1.8.2023
Project type: National
Total project cost: 23.180,00 EUR
Programme type: NextGeneration EU

Evropski sklad za regionalni razvoj

As part of the program, BioSistemika implements a sustainable and circular business transformation, within which it prepares the following documents:

  • long-term sustainable and circular business strategy for the period 2023-2028,
  • sustainable, circular, and low-carbon oriented business models, and
  • a proposal for an implementation project that will significantly contribute to the realization of sustainable, circular, and low-carbon business strategies, with priority in the area of establishing circular business principles.
Ministrstvo za gospodarski razvoj in tehnologijo
Evropski sklad za regionalni razvoj
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The project is co-financed by European Union – NextGeneration EU.