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qPCR, ELISA, and Cell Culture Software Tools from BioSistemika

Bring your lab to the next level. Our products will help you plan and automate experiments, finish your tasks faster and with higher reliability. Errors will become a thing of the past.

Pipetting Aid PLATR

Pipetting Aid PLATR

PlatR helps you with pipetting to 384 and 96 well microtiter plates and strips. It enables you to create even the most complicated pipetting plans and guides you through the plate using a light illuminating below the wells on the microplate.

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qPCR Workflow Automation Software GENEIO

qPCR Workflow Automation Software GENEIO

GENEIO covers the complete qPCR experiment workflow. Based on your protocol and sample information, it provides you with the pipetting plan, reagent calculations and a qPCR template for the instrument you use. After the lab work and qPCR run, GENEIO also analyses your data.

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