GENEIO – Web application for qPCR workflow


Web application in Java, Apache Wicket framework, PostgreSQL database, Hibernate ORM, local or cloud deployment

As an expert in qPCR technique and laboratory workflow, BioSistemika developed a qPCR workflow automation software for analytical and molecular biology laboratories.

GENEIO greatly increases a laboratory’s sample processing throughput and efficiency by enabling consistent and automatic results interpretation, improving experiment overview, and ensuring data traceability. Automation reduces the time spent on routine tasks and increases the reliability of results.

GENEIO software screenshot

Software screens


GENEIO was developed in Java to maximize cross-platform support and deployment flexibility, enabling it to be deployed as a cloud service, within a single laboratory, or even on a single user’s PC.

Web technologies enable GENEIO to be used by a large number of users simultaneously. The modular design of the application allows for the simple addition of new qPCR instruments to support both template generation and result import, as well as the simple creation of new analyses.

GENEIO’s flexible permission system allows laboratories to tailor precise roles to their workers. Customization to allow automated liquid handler protocol generation is also possible.

GENEIO software screenshot

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