Third party instrument integration


Electron.js, TypeScript

ADInstruments is a company that specializes in biological data acquisition and flexible data analysis. Their team is building new cross-platform software for high quality, flexible data analysis called LabChart Lightning.

The platform, built in Electron.js and TypeScript, is a desktop application that runs on PCs. It has been designed with modularity in mind, and allows extension through plugins, primarily for integration with different hardware instruments and new UI component development.

AdInstruments software screenshot
BioSistemika is developing plugins that allow various 3rd party research and clinical instruments to be integrated into the LabChart Lightning platform for data streaming to achieve Lab IoT.

The plugins are developed in TypeScript and hook into existing LabChart Lightning code. Communication with 3rd party instruments is normally done through serial connection or serialized Bluetooth connection. The plugins serve both for instrument control and data collection.

Multiple plugins integrate various 3rd party hardware sensors with the LabChart Lightning platform e.g. Mentalab Explore.

The sensors are normally low-level hardware devices that communicate with a PC via serial or Bluetooth connection.

The plugins manage the devices‘ connection, configuration and data sampling. Dedicated UI components related to handling specific devices are also developed within the scope of the plugins.

AdInstruments software
We have sucessfully integrated a device that records EEG on the fly, and then feeds the data to the PC in real-time. The device movements are also recorded at the same time.

We have integrated a medical patient ventilator; LabChart Lightning can in real-time collect the following data: breath frequency, volume and O2/CO2 concentrations.

We have also integrated a motion sensor device that records and feeds 3D axial acceleration, rotation and magnetic field data into LabChart Lightning. Optionally, ECG/EEG (or other on-body electrode) recorded data can also be fed into the platform in real-time.

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