SiLA 2 compliant software for instrument control


Microsoft WPF (front end XAML, back end C#), SiLA 2 server C#, Google Blockly

Our client is a premier provider of products trusted by leading pharma institutions worldwide, specializing in single-cell dispensers, liquid handlers, and live cell analyzers. The company continuously develops new technologies and is actively shaping the future of medicine.

BioSistemika partnered with the company to develop SiLA 2-compliant software for instrument control.

The main goal was to design proper workflows for creating different experimental protocols and translate this into an easy-to-use client application.

SiLA client application

The instrument’s software comprises two components:

  • the SiLA server that communicates with the firmware that controls the instrument’s hardware;
  • and SiLA client application used to provide a GUI for a user that can be used to prepare and run experimental protocols.

The instrument can be integrated into automation systems.

The main advantage of the solution is a high-level user experience. The use of the software is effortless; wizards guide users in preparing experimental protocols. Quick access tabs also allow quick execution of protocols often used. This is all packed in a very nice and clear design.

The application also allows different levels of interaction, from complete beginners to experienced users.

An easy-to-use custom protocol editor/creator for users with specific needs has been developed based on the Google Blockly library.

The custom protocols are constructed by dragging and dropping building blocks and making different combinations on the canvas.

Blocks are color-coded to see their basic line of action immediately. Parameters of particular actions can be edited directly in the blocks. In addition, a validation layer has been implemented to prevent less experienced users from entering inappropriate parameters.

Google Blockly library
Software development

The developed software, comprising the client application and the server based on the SiLA 2 standard, enables efficient preparation of experimental protocols, sharing protocols between different systems, control of the instrument with the existing firmware, and integration into automation systems.

The client application has been developed with a responsive design that covers workflows on both the PCs (mouse interactions) and the tablet (touch screen interactions).

The main tool of the users for using the client applications is a Windows-based tablet, so the UI design has been optimized for an appropriate resolution touch screen.

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