Laboratory IoT project integrating different web services and instruments


Cloud IoT Platform, different web services and web applications running on Ruby, C#, Java,  Microsoft SQL database, Azure Active Directory (AD), Microsoft Azure infrastructure, REST APIs, JWTs, OAuth 2.0

Gilson is a family-owned global manufacturer of sample management and purification solutions for the life sciences industry.

They were looking for a partner that would help them to set up and maintain the cloud-based Gilson IOT system connecting their PIPETMAN® M Connected Bluetooth®-enabled electronic pipettes with other Gilson mobile applications.

PipetteScope software

BioSistemika has developed user management, authentication, and software licensing as part of the cloud-connected platform that powers a product line of Bluetooth®-enabled, smart liquid handling devices and applications for Gilson.

Two of the smart products that are integrated into the platform are PipetteScope application and PIPETMAN® M connected software connected to PIPETMAN M Connected electronic pipettes.

Software screens


Azure Active Directory (AD) was used for user management, web communication goes through RESTful web services, and OAuth 2.0 authentication/authorization framework is used for sign-on capabilities. BioSistemika has also developed a licensing API for the platform.


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