Desktop application integrated with connected pipettes

Cross-platform mobile application, Desktop application developed in Java, cross-platform Eclipse RCP framework, Derby embedded database, custom UI components, integration with electronic pipettes via JNI and drivers in C

Gilson is a family-owned global manufacturer of sample management and purification solutions for the life sciences industry.

Gilson was looking for a software development partner that would design and develop software for the preparation of flexible custom pipetting protocols that could be transferred to and used by their PIPETMAN® M Connected Bluetooth®-enabled electronic pipettes.


BioSistemika developed and is maintaining desktop software application PIPETMAN® M Connected Software for the creation of custom pipetting protocols for PIPETMAN® M Connected electronic pipettes. It allows users to create and transfer up to 10 custom protocols from PIPETMAN® M Connected Software to the pipettes using BLE or USB connection.

Software screens


Pipetman M software screenshot

PIPETMAN® M Connected software is a cross-platform desktop application, developed for Windows and Android which interfaces with PIPETMAN® M electronic pipettes.

The application communicates with the pipettes via either USB or Bluetooth connection through a Java API library.

The software has been continuously maintained to support new pipette capabilities, as well as new pipette firmware and API, requiring agile integration loops.

The application incorporates UI elements, completely custom-made to follow Gilson’s style guide. 

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