Desktop application integrated with cell stimulator instrument


Windows desktop application, C#, .NET, WPF,  USB API

Company IonOptix produces a range of systems for fluorescent ion quantitation and muscle mechanics measurements.

IonOptix contacted BioSistemika to develop software for their instrument C-pace navigator which is a multi-channel stimulator designed for chronic excitation of bulk quantities of cultured cells in incubators.

IonOptix software screenshot

BioSistemika developed a software C-Pace Navigator to control the C-Pace EM instrument and an API between the C-Pace EM and Software.

C-Pace Navigator is a simple program used to connect to 8 C-Pace EP instruments through USB connection. The application can control and visualize the parameters of the device in real-time, prepare different presets, and switch between different modes.

Software screens



Windows desktop application was developed in C# and .NET, using Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF). It connects to cell stimulators through an USB API, displaying and controlling connected devices‘ data in real-time.

The application was developed simultaneously alongside the simulator’s Firmware and the USB API development. This required frequent integration cycles and close collaboration with the Firmware development team in order to meet the deadlines.

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