Cross-platform mobile applications integrated with connected pipettes


Cross-platform mobile application, TypeScript programming language, Apache Cordova, Ionic, Angular frameworks, Bluetooth® low energy (BLE)
Gilson is a family-owned global manufacturer of sample management and purification solutions for the life sciences industry.

Gilson was looking for a partner that would help them maintain and improve the mobile applications PipetteScope and PIPETMAN M connected software that connects to PIPETMAN® M Connected Bluetooth®-enabled electronic pipettes.

PipetteScope software
BioSistemika is maintaining and improving the PipetteScope® mobile application which displays all the pipette data and properties by connecting to PIPETMAN® M Connected pipette via Bluetooth®. It also supports the upgrade of the pipette‘s firmware.

Software screens


BioSistemika is maintaining and improving the PIPETMAN® M connected software which allows the creation of custom pipetting protocols for PIPETMAN M Connected electronic pipettes. It allows users to create and transfer up to 10 custom protocols from PIPETMAN M Connected Software to the pipettes using BLE connection.
Pipetman M software screenshot
PipetteScope, and Pipetman M connected software are developed in TypeScript programming language, utilize Apache Cordova mobile development framework, Angular and Ionic frameworks for the user interface, and Bluetooth® low energy (BLE) to communicate with the devices.

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