Cloud-Based Web Application Integrated with Microscope


Web application in C#, .NET Framework, ASP.NET, Bootstrap, jQuery, Microsoft SQL, Cassandra, Microsoft Azure

Cytocypher is a startup company with a novel product – a wideband automated microscope for measuring cell size and fluorescence. Their goal is to automate a high-throughput method to measure myocardial cell contractility in response to treatment.

They envisioned development of a web platform for experiment data management and visualization. BioSistemika was part of a project consortium for the development of the data automation and results sharing platform.

Cytocypher software screenshot
BioSistemika developed a cloud-based web application CytoSolver that accelerates and improves the analysis of calcium and contractility data from myocytes.

The application enables users to upload raw data files from the microscope, and then to (using smart algorithms) automatically reject transients with artifacts and visualize the results. The data can also be exported to XLSX or CSV.

Software screens


Due to limitations coming from data source and raw file processing plugins, it was necessary to implement the web application using C# and .NET technologies. We used our knowledge of data processing, microscopy, and cell biology to streamline the process of data visualization.

Application supports upload of raw data files, and consequent analysis of the data. It also supports rich visualization of the results‘ data within a browser window.

Due to memory limitations, the graphics of the platform was made in a scalable way to not exceed a predefined number of graph data points, and the data point density was adjusted when a smaller section was selected for viewing.

The application has been deployed onto Microsoft Azure infrastructure.

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