Cloud-based Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) integrated with 3rd-party web systems


Web application in Ruby, Ruby on Rails web framework, Bootstrap, jQuery, Responsive design, PostgreSQL database , Linux/cloud, Docker, Amazon AWS, Heroku

BioSistemika and Gilson Inc partnered to develop SciNote Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN). SciNote is a top-rated cloud-based ELN software solution for industry and academia that is used by more than 70,000 users across the world.

SciNote covers lab’s most important needs: compliance (21 CFR part 11, GDPR, GLP and GMP), inventory tracking and management, protocol and SOP management, team management and collaboration, integrations and API (to connect SciNote with existing lab instruments and software), data and IP protection.

SciNote software screenshot

Software screens


SciNote software screenshot
Building a SaaS platform from the ground-up takes a whole lot of effort, committed team, technical excellence, and flexibility to allow for the necessary product pivoting. SciNote evolved from a relatively simple Ruby on Rails application, to an enterprise cloud solution that SciNote is today. Nowadays, core of SciNote still runs on Ruby on Rails, but the backend is shifting towards a service-oriented architecture, using containerization (Docker) and modern DevOps technologies (Amazon AWS, Heroku).
Product and UI/UX pipeline, iterative development process and CI/CD ensure that the development and maintenance of SciNote is smooth, predictable, as well as agile enough to shift priorities when needed. At the same time, codebase quality is ensured through a battle-tested QC process that involves expert QC engineers, code reviews, and automatic testing.

SciNote is integrated with a number of applications and tools (Office 365 Online,, Gilson, ChemAxon, LabViva) to bring in additional features.

SciNote software screenshot

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