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    The challenges and limitations posed by the device’s single-board computer nature
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     An overview of the final solution


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To ensure food safety and protect human health, on-site testing for contaminants is critical. But getting fast, actionable results with clear data representation while maintaining data integrity can be challenging.

Romer Labs, a leading global food and feed safety diagnostic solutions supplier, understands this challenge. Their AgraVision Pro device, based on a strip test concept, enables simple and rapid on-site testing for various mycotoxins and GMOs. They searched for an intuitive solution enabling users to transfer and manage data from different AgraVision Pro devices to a joint application.

To address this need, BioSistemika gladly took on the challenge. We partnered with Romer Labs to develop an intuitive solution that seamlessly facilitates data collection, secure storage, and efficient data transfer, all while upholding the utmost data integrity.

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