Examples of the Software We Have Developed

sciNote – Open Source Electronic Lab Notebook (SCINOTE, LLC)

sciNote is a free open source electronic lab notebook (ELN). It enables scientists to store, organize and manage their research data. sciNote’s modular design enables interoperability with various lab instruments and existing software.


  • Web application: Compatible with your smartphone and tablet
  • Software license: Mozilla Public License version 2.0 (Free and Open Source license)
  • Programming language: Ruby on Rails 4.2.3
  • JS framework: Bootstrap 3, jQuery
  • Database service: PostgreSQL 9.4
  • Servers hosting: Heroku and Amazon
  • Local installation possible: Yes

Pipetting Aid PlatR

PlatR is an easy to use software which enables you to properly prepare or import your pipetting plans and guides you through the wells by illuminating them according to the plan.


  • Type of application: Mobile
  • Software license: Proprietary
  • Programming language: Java (Android SDK)
  • JS framework: n/a
  • Database service: SQLite (Android SDK)

GENEIO qPCR Workflow App

GENEIO is an affordable and easy-to-use qPCR workflow platform that greatly increases a laboratory´s sample processing throughput while greatly reducing the error rate of employees. GENEIO was developed with flexibility and adaptability in mind and can be customized to fit your laboratory´s individual needs.


  • Type of application: Web
  • Software license: Proprietary
  • Programming language: Java (Wicket framework), some scripting done in Python
  • JS framework: jQuery, jQuery UI
  • Database service: PostgreSQL

C-Pace Navigator (IonOptix)

C-Pace Navigator is a desktop application used for visualizing and controlling the IonOptix C-Pace EP Culture Pacer. Displaying current setting of a connected C-Pace device, switching between modes, setting new parameters in real-time and allowing for visualization and editing of the physical stretch parameters are some of the application’s most used features.


  • Type of application: Desktop (Developed for Windows personal computers)
  • Software licenseProprietary
  • Programming language: C#
  • UI framework: Windows Presentation Foundation

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