PlatR for Research labs

Pipetting errors are finally a thing of the past

PlatR is an affordable lab tool to improve manual pipetting without changing habits.

Benefits for R&D laboratories

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Improve pipetting efficiency

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Fast protocol setup

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Accurate pepetting

Stress free pipetting

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Protocol reusability

Amplification efficiency exceeds 100%, how can that be?

The main reason for this is polymerase inhibition. Even if more template is added to the reagent mixture, the Ct values might not shift to earlier cycles. This flattens out the efficiency plot, resulting in a lower slope and an amplification efficiency of over 100%.

Other reasons for efficiencies over 100% can be pipetting errors.
Try Pipetting Aid PlatR and imporve pipetting precision.

Optimal qPCR efficiency

Would you like to see how PlatR works?

To learn how PlatR can make your manual pipetting faster and simpler, schedule an online demo with our product manager. During the free 30 min demo you will:

  • Review PlatR functionalities
  • Learn how to set up your protocol in PlatR, save it, and reuse it
  • Find out which of the PlatR accessories are a must-have for your lab

“Our lab does a large number of ELISA’s on a weekly basis, therefore it is critical that the experiments be well organized to minimize mistakes. The PlatR system is well designed, user-friendly and allows lab members to quickly and efficiently pipet their samples and reagents while reducing chances for errors. I can highly recommend the PlatR system to anyone for this application.”

M.A.T. – Mayo Clinic, USA