PlatR for Diagnostic labs

Pipetting errors are finally a thing of the past
PlatR is an affordable lab tool to improve traceability and troughput without investing in robots.

Benefits for Diagnostic laboratories

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Improve pipetting efficiency

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Full traceability

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Increased throughput

Barcode reader

LIMS support

Sample pooling

Enable traceability and automated sample ID import during manual microplate preparation

Download Eurofins use case and discover:
 ✔  The benefits of the PlatR Diagnostic add-on
 ✔  How we integrated PlatR into Eurofins workflow
 ✔  How we enable full automation and traceability of samples IDs imports
 ✔  How we increase sample throughput in all Eurofins labs in a very short timeframe

Download the use case

Discover how PlatR works

Learn how our pipetting aid can make your manual pipetting faster and simpler.

Schedule a free 30min demo with our product manager to:

  • Review PlatR functionalities,
  • Learn how to set up your protocol,
  • Find out which PlatR accessory is a must-have for lab.

“PlatR eliminates the need of sample organization before and after pipetting. With PlatR we are able to equip our diagnostic laboratories with the automation that would normally require bigger budget and pipetting robots.”

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