PlatR functionalities

Discover the functionalities that will take your manual pipetting to the next level.

Main PlatR functionalities

Pipetting Aid PlatR includes the following main functionalities that increase throughput and eliminate pipetting mistakes.

Custom pipetting plans

Application specialists have years of experience working in research and industrial laboratories. They are PhDs with domain knowledge in biotechnology, biology, physics, molecular biology, biochemistry, and pharmacy. Because they understand how laboratories work, they are able to design software so that it meets customer and end-user needs. They work with our customers to prepare software requirements, software specifications, lead technical meetings and workshops, and make sure that the project stays on-time and on-budget.

Excel plan import

If your plans are prepared in Excel, PlatR will not change the way you work now. You can prepare reagents and samples in a list or a table format and import them to PlatR. You can also prepare and import the complete pipetting plan, including information on the sequence of pipetting, liquid volumes you need to pipette, etc.

Pipetting sequence setup

When you create a pipetting plan, PlatR will remember your finger movement when adding reagents or samples to the plan, and the same sequence pattern will be used as you want to pipette them later. However, you can always change the pipetting sequence by choosing the pipetting pattern (e.g., horizontal, vertical, inverted, etc.) or set up single or multichannel pipetting.

Well illumination guidance

PlatR guides you through the plate by illumination of wells according to your pipetting plan. The position light under the well shows you where exactly you should load your next sample or reagent. When using a multichannel pipette, several wells, depending on the number of channels, will be illuminated simultaneously.

Plan execution logs

PlatR will keep track (log) of your actions while pipetting. The tracked actions, such as the start of pipetting, switching from one well to another by a button, footswitch, or timer, changing the number of channels, and so on, will be timestamped – logged with the corresponding time. Additionally, the reagent or sample name can be displayed next to the coordinate.

Manual pipetting

Cherry Picking module


Cherry Picking module enables a seamless sample ID scan with a barcode reader and matches it with the sample ID on the previously prepared pipetting plan.

Here’s how it works: prepare or import a pipetting plan with assigned sample ID to each well on a 96- or 384-well plate. When starting the pipetting process, scan the sample ID, and PlatR will illuminate the corresponding well where the sample should be placed. With the next sample scan, PlatR will automatically progress to another well.

The Cherry Picking module is available in the Advanced and the Premium package.

The Cherry Picking module offers significant benefits:

    ✔ User guidance through the microtiter plate based on the matched IDs of the samples.

    ✔ Error-free sample transfer from tubes to microtiter plates.

    ✔ Automatic tracking of manual pipetting on the plate.

Diagnostic module

Diagnostic module enables sample ID scan with a barcode reader to allocate the samples on the pipetting plan.

Simply connect PlatR with the barcode reader and position a 96- or 384-well plate onto the tablet. Scan the sample ID and pipette the sample  into the corresponding illuminated well. PlatR will automatically incorporate the IDs into the previously prepared plan. With the next sample scan, PlatR will automatically progress to another well.

The Diagnostic module is available in the Premium package.

The Diagnostic module offers several benefits, such as:

    ✔ User guidance through the microtiter plate based on the scanned samples.

    ✔ Elimination of errors associated with sample ID handling.

    ✔ Automatic tracking of manual pipetting on the plate.

Enable traceability and automated sample ID import during manual microplate preparation


Download Eurofins use case and discover how we:
 ✔  Integrated PlatR into Eurofins workflow
 ✔  Enabled full automation and traceability of samples IDs imports
 ✔  Increased sample throughput in all Eurofins labs in a very short timeframe

Download the use case

Calculate your laboratory savings

We’ve developed an intuitive web calculator that enables you to estimate the annual savings in laboratory material and labor costs using Pipetting Aid PlatR.

“PlatR eliminates the need of sample organization before and after pipetting. With PlatR we are able to equip our diagnostic laboratories with the automation that would normally require bigger budget and pipetting robots.”

Eurofins services

“Our lab does a large number of ELISA’s on a weekly basis, therefore it is critical that the experiments be well organized to minimize mistakes. The PlatR system is well designed, user-friendly and allows lab members to quickly and efficiently pipet their samples and reagents while reducing chances for errors. I can highly recommend the PlatR system to anyone for this application.”

M.A.T. – Mayo Clinic, USA

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