All answers to your frequently asked questions about Pipetting Aid PlatR in one place.


Who is PlatR for?

PlatR is the ultimate tool for all laboratories that do manual pipetting on 96 or 384-well plates.

What are the main benefits of PlatR?

Besides the apparent help with manual pipetting, PlatR brings many benefits to you, your laboratory, and the environment. With PlatR, you will:

  • Save pipetting time
  • Stay relaxed and focused during pipetting
  • Increase throughput
  • Eliminate pipetting mistakes
  • Save budget for reagents
  • Reduce plastic lab waste
  • Reduced errors
Do I need to have onboarding before using PlatR?

Pipetting Aid PlatR is easy to use and does not require onboarding or training beforehand. When purchasing PlatR, you receive a user manual with all the needed information. However, we offer free online demo sessions before buying the product so that you can see all the functions and benefits of PlatR beforehand. On request, we also provide onboarding training for our users and teams so you can get the best experience out of PlatR.


What are the main PlatR functionalities?

PlatR makes your manual pipetting tasks easier and more relaxed:

  • With PlatR, you can create pipetting plans or upload existing ones prepared previously in PlatR or Excel.
  • PlatR guides you through the microplate by illuminating the correct well according to your plan.
  • PlatR enables you to track pipetting history and create pipetting reports automatically.
What are advanced PlatR functionalities?

PlatR offers two additional modules: Cherry Picking and Diagnostic. Both modules include advanced functionalities and are available in the Advanced and/or Premium packages.

For more information, please visit the PlatR functionalities page.


Is PlatR suitable for all microplates that meet SBS standards?

Yes, PlatR is compatible with all 96-well and 384-well microplates that meet SBS standards. The PCR and ELISA holders also enable compatibility with PCR and ELISA strips and non-skirted and semi-skirted plates.

Can PlatR be used with white plates?

Yes, PlatR can be used with white plates. We have several laboratories that use PlatR in combination with white plates, and users are satisfied with the illumination through the plates. The intensity of the light is different from when using transparent plates but high enough to lead you correctly from well to well through the plate. PlatR also has a unique functionality with a blinking light that improves pipetting white plates’ experience.

Can I use PlatR with deep well plates?

Yes, PlatR works with standard or deep well plates. For pipetting deep well plates, we recommend using an inclination stand so you can clearly see the light for each well. 

Can I change the colors of the illuminated dots?

Yes, you can change the dot illumination color to any desired from the color palette. However, by default, we suggest using red illumination color since it has minimum impact on photo-sensitive liquids.

Can light exposure affect the samples or other liquids?

You have the option to set up any dot illumination color you want. We have tested several lights (yellow, red, pink, white,…) on PlatR in combination with different samples and reagents, and we have never experienced any effect on the liquids. Also, we haven’t received any complaints of light exposure affecting the liquids from our customers.

Can we clean the tablet?

Yes, the screen is made from resilient Gorilla Glass and can be cleaned with a soft cloth dipped in distilled water, simple soap solution, ethanol, or DNA/RNase remover. Allow it to air dry or dry it carefully with a soft cloth. PlatR can also be exposed to UV light.

Can PlatR be used within a fume hood?

Yes, most of our clients are using PlatR in different laboratory hoods. To use PlatR in the hood, you would need an inclination stand for the tablet, one of the accessories we offer.

The inclination stand has five different positions so that each person can adjust it according to their needs. Using the stand, you will see the information on added reagents/samples and the red dot on the tablet without any problem.

If the fume hood has a UV light, you can also expose the tablet to UV light and disinfect it.

Is the PlatR pipetting system suitable for Real-Time PCR (qPCR) when using primers labeled with FAM fluorophore?

Yes, you can use PlatR with any label. We have tested several lights (yellow, red, pink, white,…) on PlatR in combination with different fluorescent dye providers, and the light never caused fluorophore excitation.

Also, several laboratories use PlatR for qPCR using primers labeled with FAM fluorophore and have never observed any trouble. They are using it even in combination with 384-well plates, which means that fluorophore is exposed to the light longer, and everything works perfectly.

Is it possible to save, edit and re-load created pipetting plans?

Yes, you can save, edit and re-load all created pipetting plans.

Can we include the information about the liquid volume we want to pipette in PlatR software?

Yes, with PlatR, you can prepare a custom pipetting plan that includes the volumes and concentrations information. A detailed explanation of how to add reagents and samples to the plan and how to add tags to the reagents/samples are provided in the PlatR user manual.


Can I reuse adhesive holders?

Yes, the adhesive holders can be reused many times. A single holder can last for five years or more if appropriately handled.

Make sure you always attach the holder to a clean tablet. We recommend putting the protective strips back on the black sticky ends after every use and storing the holder in a dry space.

Can I connect the barcode reader?

Yes, you can connect PlatR with any barcode reader, as long as it is android compatible, and enjoy fast and smooth sample ID input. PlatR will save sample/plate barcodes and automatically create a report with sample locations.

What is “Bluetooth footswitch” used for?

Bluetooth footswitch enables hands-free light movements that indicate the correct well for liquid input. Simply put, it works like the NEXT button you press with your foot during the pipetting steps. It operates wirelessly using Bluetooth 4 technology (low-energy Bluetooth).


    Can I test PlatR in person?

    Yes, you can test PlatR in person at our booths at conferences and other events. However, to avoid waiting for the next opportunity and traveling, we offer an online demo to show all the PlatR functionalities you are interested in and answer all your questions.  We can also help you with setting up your custom pipetting plan. Furthermore, our 30-day money-back guarantee allows you to return PlatR in 30 days if it doesn’t fit your needs completely.

    I already have a tablet; can I just buy the PlatR software? Is this possible?

    Unfortunately, we do not offer such an option for now. The PlatR package includes a ready-to-use tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab with integrated custom PlatR software. It is handy, resilient, and tested for optimal performance. A high-quality Gorilla Glass touchscreen can be easily decontaminated and disinfected (see cleaning instructions). The software was designed specifically for this kind of tablet computer, as were all the accessories. We cannot guarantee optimal performance, safety, and updates of PlatR if installed on any other device.

    How much does it cost?

    It depends on what functionalities or accessories you need and which package you choose. You can get a PlatR Basic package for as little as 1490 €.

    According to our calculations, five PlatR users who pipette one 96-well plate or one 348-well plate per week can save between 7,000 € and 9,200 € annually on laboratory supplies.

    ROI (return on investment) is as short as three months for three researchers who pipette one 384-well plate per week. Or seven months for a single researcher pipetting one microplate per week.

    You can contact us any time for your custom non-binding offer at .

    What is the difference between the packages?

    You can purchase Pipetting Aid PlatR in three different packages.

    The Basic package includes a tablet with a ready-to-use software application with all essential functionalities and an adhesive microplate holder. The Advanced package, in addition to the Basic package, includes a Cherry picking module and selected accessories. The Premium package is upgraded with a Diagnostic module, contains all available PlatR accessories, and offers personal support, custom workflow integration, and preloaded templates.

    You can read more about the packages here.

    Do you offer a warranty on all PlatR parts?

    We offer one year warranty on all package parts.

    What if we’re not fully satisfied with PlatR?

    We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, which means that if PlatR doesn’t fit your needs, you can return it within 30 days from the day that PlatR was delivered to you. We will refund the entire amount to your account (a full refund of the purchase price minus the shipping, handling, or other additional charges). So far, none of our customers have returned it, so we are optimistic that it will suit your needs.

    Can we get any discount if we buy more units?

    Please get in touch with us for your custom offer: .

    Do you ship worldwide, and what are the costs?

    Yes, we ship Pipetting Aid PlatR worldwide. Shipping costs are calculated depending on the country of delivery. Usually, the cost of handling and delivery varies from 40€ to 250 € and is included in our quote before the purchase.

    What is the delivery time?

    We dispatch PlatR in 1-2 business days after we receive payment confirmation or the purchase order. The shipping time depends on the location of your laboratory. All packages are dispatched from Slovenia, Europe.

    Which payment options do you offer?

    We prefer wire transfers, but you may also pay with a credit card or PayPal. We do not accept checks.

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