Pipetting Aid PlatR

Easy-to-use tablet application for reliable microplate pipetting

PlatR is an easy-to-use tablet application for reliable microplate pipetting.

The pipetting assistant PlatR guides you through microplate by illuminating the correct well.

You can also create or import your pipetting plans, and automatically export reports at the end.

It makes microplate preparation like a walk in the park.

Benefits for laboratories

Pipetting without mistakes

Pipetting without mistakes

PlatR guides users through the plate for precise liquid placement, saving on chemicals and materials while enhancing experimental reliability.

Pipetting without mistakes

Increased throughput

Pipetting Aid PlatR enables up to 30% faster manual pipetting while ensuring precise pipetting and eliminating errors.

User-friendly interface

User-friendly interface

PlatR’s intuitive interface and easy-to-navigate functionalities enable fast user adoption and seamless incorporation into your existing manual pipetting workflow.

Discover PlatR functionalities

Pipetting Aid PlatR includes the full range of functionalities, including the Cherry Picking and Diagnostic module. Explore them in detail to determine which one best suits your laboratory’s needs.

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“Our lab does a large number of ELISA’s on a weekly basis, therefore it is critical that the experiments be well organized to minimize mistakes. The PlatR system is well designed, user-friendly and allows lab members to quickly and efficiently pipet their samples and reagents while reducing chances for errors. I can highly recommend the PlatR system to anyone for this application.”

M.A.T. – Mayo Clinic, USA

“PlatR eliminates the need of sample organization before and after pipetting. With PlatR we are able to equip our diagnostic laboratories with the automation that would normally require bigger budget and pipetting robots.”

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How to implement 21 CFR Part 11 features into your software

Up to 30% faster pipetting, 0% pipetting errors

PlatR is an affordable alternative when a laboratory robot is overkill.

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    ✔ Return on investment (ROI) and impact on sustainability with PlatR
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Hence, your investment in PlatR will return in months!

How to implement 21 CFR Part 11 features into your software

PlatR package includes a ready-to-use tablet with integrated custom PlatR software

PlatR on the tablet

Suitable for lab

Included Samsung Galaxy Tab is handy and extremely resilient. Its size is suitable for lab use and its touch screen is made from high quality Gorilla glass.
Tablet decontamination


PlatR can be easily decontaminated in the lab using a soft cloth or lint-free tissue dipped in distilled water, simple soap solution, ethanol or DNA/RNAse remover.
Pipetting with PlatR

No risks

No screen heat transition to samples or reagents that would cause evaporation of samples/reagents. Disinfection with UV light does not affect PlatR’s functions.

Discover how PlatR works

Learn how our pipetting aid can make your manual pipetting faster and simpler.

Schedule a free live 30min demo with our product manager to:

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  • Learn how to set up your protocol
  • Find out which PlatR accessory is a must-have for lab

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Depending on your labs needs, you may choose between three packages.

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What do you get?
What do you get?
What do you get?

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Speak with our team for specific requests

If you have a specific functionality request or would like to integrate PlatR with your laboratory instrument or software, leave us a message with a brief description and the PlatR product manager will contact you shortly.