Optimization of Business Processes in BioSistemika

Project acronym: OptiBioSis
Project duration: 1.2. 2020 – 31. 8. 2020
Project value: 40.000,00 EUR
Predicted co-financing of the project: 20.000,00 EUR


The goal of the OptiBioSis operation is to upgrade the current business processes of our company and fully integrate them into the daily work, culture and vision of each employee. Only with constant innovation and agility will we continue to ensure the business excellence of our team, which will lead to long-term success and growth of the company.

 In the scope of the project, BioSistemika will partner up with Tovarna idej, a digitalization expert, who will carry out at least 16 specialized workshops with our extensive team on various topics concerning business process optimization. 

“The investment is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union, from the European Regional Development Fund”.