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BioSistemika Enters the Biotech Competence Centre of Slovenia

July 2018, Ljubljana, Slovenia, EU

With 1st of June 2018, BioSistemika has entered the Bio-Pharm Competence Centre of Slovenia for the development of biotechnological and pharmaceutical personnel along with other national leading biotech and pharmaceutical companies. The “KOC 2018” project is funded by the national grant for the establishment and operation of competence centres and development of staff (JR 253).  Read the official bulletin here (original transcript).



NGS project by BioSistemika

BioSistemika Wins National Funding to Develop Smart Platform for NGS Data Management

July 2018, Ljubljana, Slovenia, EU

The project “apkNGS” aims to result in a platform for applied collaborative support for DNA / RNA sequencing with support for so-called “next-generation sequencing” or NGS. NGS is an extremely fast and efficient method for genetic sequencing, but requires intelligent support for data management, which is usually designed and acquired by several laboratory teams at the same time. Information technology can provide full support to laboratory sequencing with the help of a dedicated platform, while simultaneously obtaining data from all personal resources and intelligent sorting, all of which BioSistemika aims to achieve within the project scope.



BioSistemika at AACC 2018

July 2018, Chicago, US

BioSistemika, a software development partner in life science and the medical industry will explore new approaches to laboratory medicine at the 70th AACC Annual Scientific Meeting  & Clinical Lab Expo taking place in Chicago, US between the 29th of July and 2nd of August.

Meet our experts and see how we can help you with your software development projects.

We look forward to meeting you in Chicago!

BioSistemika Wins National Funding to Develop Smart ELN for Life Sciences

June 2018, Ljubljana, Slovenia, EU

The project “CloudSci” aims to address the everyday challenges of laboratory workers in a completely new fashion. The result will be an intelligent electronic laboratory notebook (ELN) that will learn and optimize workflows based on users’ everyday work. The CloudSci ELN will provide a free basic platform with modular features, customizable by each life science laboratory individually. It will focus on easy integration into existing work environment. CLOUDSCI ELN will enable complete laboratory data and project management.



BioSistemika’s PlatR presented at Bio International 2018 

June 2018, Boston, USA

BioSistemika is going to attend 2018 BIO International Convention in Boston, USA. The aim is to present our products and services focused on creating digital laboratories of the future, where lab instruments and software tools are seamlessly integrated. This time, the focus will be on PlatR, a smart pipetting aid. Among BioSistemika’s successful software products, SciNote, an elegant solution for replacing the paper notebook that helps you manage your scientific data, team and work will be presented as well.

The attendance is supported by Republic of Slovenia and European Union. Read more here.


BioSistemika at ECCMID 2018

April 2018, Madrid, Spain

BioSistemika is going to attend the 28th European Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (ECCMID 2018) from 21 – 24 April 2018 in Madrid, Spain.

As a software development outsourcing partner, we are interested in developing commercial and industrial business cooperation with cross-border companies.

We are looking forward to meeting you in Madrid!

BioSistemika at Analytica 2018

April 2018, Munich, Germany 

BioSistemika will be looking for new business collaborations at Analytica, the international trade fair for laboratory technology. The world’s leading marketplace for modern laboratory processes will be held in Munich, Germany.

Do not miss a chance to speak with our experts. Schedule a meeting on 10th or 11th of April.

We are looking forward to meeting you.

BioSistemika at SDMD 2018

February 2018, Munich, Germany 

BioSistemika is attending Software Design for Medical Devices 2018 Conference from 19th to 21st February in Munich. We are interested to meet with instrument providers and developers of medical devices to discuss potential collaboration.

We are looking forward to new collaborations.

BioSistemika at SLAS 2018

February 2018, San Diego, US

BioSistemika will be present at the SLAS 2018 Conference from 3rd to 7th of February 2018.

Are you looking for a BIO-IT software solution? Send an e-mail to  and we will schedule a meeting with our experts. We still have some free slots to meet with you.

We are looking forward to meeting you in San Diego!


BioSistemika at Bio-Europe 2017

November 2017, Berlin, Germany

Bio eventBioSistemika is attending the 23rd annual Bio-Europe, Europe’s largest biotechnology partnering conference, from 6th to 8th November in Berlin.

To form new partnerships, we’ll be meeting with Life science industry business leaders, pharmaceutical business development teams and other industry experts.

We are looking forward to new collaborations!


BioSistemika Wins National Funding to Store Digital Data to DNA

October 2017, Ljubljana

The project “DNA data storage” represents an innovative upgrade to DNA engineering, a method that is specific to a relatively limited biological field but brings it into a much broader scope of use. It has the potential to reach everyday consumers and to influence our everyday life as a technology that could keep the information society efficient and growing, despite the enormous amount of data it produces and stores. With this project, we strive to bring the biological complexity of the DNA molecule into everyday use, outside the laboratory.


BioSistemika at EB 2017

April 2017, Chicago, USA

Meet BioSistemika at EB 2017BioSistemika is attending Experimental Biology meeting from 23rd to 25th April in Chicago.

To speak with our experts, inquire about our experience and try our solutions come meet us at booth number 742 (sciNote).

We are looking forward to meeting you!


Meet us at JobFair in Ljubljana

BioSistemika at Job Fair 2017BioSistemika is participating at JobFair which will be held on 15th and 16th March, 2017 at The Faculty of Computer and Information Science (FRI), Ljubljana.

Visit our booth and find out more about job opportunities at BioSistemika.

We are looking forward to meeting you.

Meet us at HIMSS 2017

February 2017, Orlando, USA

HIMSS-2017-Show-bannerBioSistemika is attending HIMSS 17 Conference & Exhibition from 20th to 22nd February in Orlando. We are interested to meet with instrument providers and developers of medical devices to discuss potential collaboration.

We also invite you all to visit us at sciNote booth 3210 where you will have an opportunity to try our products and speak with our experts.

We are looking forward to meeting you!


BioSistemika at Local Hack Day in Ljubljana

December 2016, Ljubljana, Slovenia

BiosSistemika at Local Hack DayBioSistemika was a proud sponsor of Local Hack Day event at Faculty of Computer and Information Science in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Our software development experts have mentored some very exciting software development projects and met with enthusiastic future software engineers.


BioSistemika is Going to Neuroscience

November 2016, San Diego, USA

NeuroscienceBioSistemika is going to attend Neuroscience 2016 which will take place from 12th to 16th of November. Meet our experts at the San Diego Convention Center to learn about our products and see how we can help you with your software development projects.

Book a meeting with BioSistemika at MIT4LS2016 Brokerage Event in Rome

October 2016, Rome, Italy

Meet in ItalyBioSistemika will join the networking at B2B MIT4LS2016 Brokerage Event in Rome. You will have an opportunity to speak with our experts and try our products at the bilateral meeting’s sessions that will take place on the 26th and 27th of October from 10:00 to 18:00.

We are looking forward to meeting you!


Meet us at ASHG in Vancouver

October 2016, Vancouver, Canada

ASHG VancouverBioSistemika is attending ASHG Annual Meeting from 19th to 21st October in Vancouver. We are interested to meet with instrument providers and developers of medical devices to discuss potential collaboration.

We also invite you all to visit us at sciNote booth 199 where you will have an opportunity to try our products and speak with our experts.

We are looking forward to meeting you!


Book a meeting with BioSistemika at Biospain 2016 in Bilbao

September 2016, Bilbao, Spain

Biospain BilbaoBioSistemika is going to attend the eighth international meeting on biotechnology Biospain 2016 which will be held from 28th to 30th September in Bilbao. As a software development outsourcing partner we are interested in developing commercial and industrial business cooperation with cross-border companies.

We are looking forward to meeting you in Bilbao!


sciNote Announces Partnership with Gilson to Create a Digital Lab of the Future

June 2016, Munich, Germany

sciNote LLC Press ReleasesciNote, an Open Source Electronic Lab Notebook that has been co-developed with BioSistemika, has recently announced the partnership with Gilson Inc., one of the leading companies for automation instrumentation and chromatography systems.

The partnership was announced at international trade show Analytica in Munich, where sciNote and Gilson demonstrated cloud-based solutions to improve laboratory data reliability and reproducibility. Read more



Book a Meeting With BioSistemika at Alpe Adria Biohightech B2B Event

June 2016, Trieste, Italy

Alpe AdriaBioSistemika will join the networking at B2B Alpe Adria Biohightech Brokerage Event on June 29 in Trieste.  As a software development outsourcing partner, we are interested in developing commercial and industrial business cooperation with cross-border companies.

Schedule a meeting with us on June 29. We are looking forward to meeting you!


Meet With Us at ASM Microbe 2016 in Boston!

June 2016, Boston, MA, US

FINAL_ASM_web_banner_V2BioSistemika is heading off to ASM Microbe 2016.  At the event, you will have an opportunity to meet our experts and discuss how can we, as a software development outsourcing partner, help you with your projects.

Schedule a meeting with us on June 17 or June 18. We are looking forward to meeting you!


Meet Us at Analytica 2016 in Munich!

May 2016, Munich, Germany

sciNote – Open Source Electronic Lab NotebookAnalytica sciNote will be presented at Analytica in Munich, which is the most important international trade fair for the analysis, laboratory technology and biotechnology sectors.

Meet our team and try sciNote in person. We will also give a talk about what do people actually expect from the ELNs and what does an open source software bring to the table.

Visit us in Hall A3, booth 315 and see how sciNote works or come to our talk in Hall B2, booth 433.

BioSistemika and sciNote are Heading Off to Barcelona

April 2016, Barcelona, Spain

After a successful trade show in San Diego, BioSistemika is heading to the Paperless Lab Academy in Barcelona. In the third week in April, we will put the spotlight on sciNote – Open Source Electronic Lab Notebook.

PLA_Barcelona_sAt the event, we will hold a Lecture “What do users actually expect from an ELN”  where we will present one of the largest market research in the field of ELNs. You will be also able to join our round table discussion during our Workshop: “What Does an Open Source ELN Bring to the Table?” or meet us at sciNote stand.

We are looking forward to talking to you!

Save event to your calendar.

Meet Us at Experimental Biology 2016 in San Diego!

April 2016, San Diego, CA, US

sciNote EB 2016-V03BioSistemika will present their latest software development innovations at multidisciplinary, scientific meeting Experimental Biology. In the first week in April, we will put the spotlight on sciNote – Open Source Electronic Lab Notebook, which will be officially launched at the EB 2016.

At the event you will have an opportunity to try sciNote yourself, exchange opinions and ideas with our team and test your skills in our challenge “Can you find the lost documents?” The best of you will win sciNote Pro Account subscription and none of you will leave empty-handed.

Save event to your calendar and join us at Experimental Biology 2016, booth 546. We are looking forward to meet you!


PlatR Pipetting Assistant Now Available at Amazon

March 2016

PlatR_AmazonOur tablet-based pipetting assistant PlatR is being used in the scientific laboratories worldwide. We always give our best to deliver our products on-time and shipping will now be even easier.

We are happy to announce that PlatR is now available at Amazon.


sciNote is Launched!

February 2016

logo_sciNote_finalWe proudly announce that sciNote is officially released and is now available to everyone.

sciNote is a Free Open Source Electronic Lab Notebook and offers the easiest way to manage your scientific data.

It is time to take your research to the next level by creating your own FREE account.


Meet us at SLAS 2016 Conference in San Diego!

January 2016, San Diego, CA, US

SLAS San DiegoBioSistemika will be present at the SLAS 2016 Conference on the 25th of January 2016.

If you are looking for a BIO-IT software solution, we still have some free slots to meet with you. Send us an e-mail to  and we will schedule a meeting with our experts.



A New Opportunity to Work with BioSistemika

November 2015, Boston, US

BioSistemika is a proud partner of many US companies and Universities. We cherish our partners and are looking forward to make bonds with new ones.

With growing business needs and our continuous expansion plans in the US, BioSistemika has decided to open a new office in Boston, MA. Boston with all the universities and international biotech and pharma companies is one of the top life sciences clusters in the US. We have many US customers who have been in need of our services and we are now ready to provide them a full support.


Our company address is:

BioSistemika USA, LLC
One International Place, Suite 1400
Boston, Massachusetts 02110
Phone: +1 617 535 7780


Meet us at Bioinformatics Strategy Meeting in Boston!

November 2015, Boston, US

logo_Proventa InternationalBioSistemika will be present at the Bioinformatics Strategy Meeting on November 17 at Hyatt Boston Harbor. The meeting, organized by Proventa International, will be gathering over 100 C-Level Directors from a mix of emerging to large Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology & Academic/Research Institutions to help solve their key strategic challenges in the area of Bioinformatics.

If you are looking for a BIO-IT software solution and you will not manage to attend the meeting, you can also meet us in Boston on November 16, 18 or 19. Send us an e-mail () and we will schedule a meeting.


BioSistemika announces the beta release of sciNote – Open Source Scientific Notebook

October 2015

Beta version of sciNote – Open Source Scientific Notebook has been released on the 12 of October 2015.

Experiment workflow_1

sciNote organizes your scientific data and safely stores it in one place. It is designed for life science laboratory managers, researchers, students and lab technicians.

Software will be officially released in the early 2016.

Stay updated by subscribing to sciNote newsletter.


BioSistemika hosts a worldwide free webinar »How to pipette like a pro!«

October 2015

Over the past years we have received feedback from our clients and followers that they have encountered many problems caused by incorrect pipetting, from sample loss, reagent loss, to entire experiments or projects going to waste.

On Oct 15, 2015, Biosistemika will host a webinar Learn how to pipette like a pro with live demonstration by experts from accredited company Lotric Metrology.

Do not let pipetting mistakes cost you money. Join our 30 min webinar here.

Oct 15, 2015 04:00 pm (Berlin), 03:00 pm (London), 10:00 am (New York), 09:00 am (Texas), 07:00 am (Los Angeles), 23:00 pm (Tokyo).


Meet us at Biotechnica 2015 in Hannover!

October 2015, Hannover, Germany

Biotechnica_2015_logoBioSistemika will be present at Biotechnica 2015, 6-8 October in Hannover. If you are looking for BIO-IT software solutions, send us an e-mail () and schedule a meeting at Biotechnica .


BioSistemika hosts the roundtable discussion at BIOINFORMATICS STRATEGY MEETING 2015!

June 2015, London, UK

BioSistemika hosted the Industry challenge roundtable discussion “How to Increase Throughput by Software Automation?” as a Thought Leader in the field of bioinformatics and software development. The discussion was followed by one-on-one meetings.

“As this is not a conference, trade show or exhibition with a plethora of suppliers all exhibiting trying to sell their services,  clients see true value in discussing their pain points giving access to only a very limited number of focused suppliers who have innovation with data to back up. Strategy meetings are solely for C-Level decision makers who have a say on how they execute their internal strategies giving each supplier a way to express current case studies and tangible evidence on how they can bring multiple platforms via product, service or solutions to help improve their bottom line.” More from Proventa International on Thought Leadership.


Meet us at Experimental Biology 2015 in Boston US!

April 2015, Boston, US

Six strong scientific societies meeting in one location: a lot of opportunities for life science enthusiasts and career seekers. PlatR by BioSistemika generated big buzz at this multidisciplinary event! More than 100 people shared their opinion about laboratory software solutions and got a chance to win PlatR Pipetting Device for their lab. The lucky winner of this competition was Sandeep Kumar! Congratulations Sandeep. Enjoy using PlatR in your lab! We would also like to thank everyone else who participated and shared their valuable opinion to enable us to create even better software!

Listen to the podcast interview with Marcella Jackson, FASEB (Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology) & the Director of the Office of Scientific Meetings and Conferences: INTERVIEW AT EB2015  – CAREER OPPORTUNITIES, WHICH EVENTS TO VISIT?

a7acfe8c-a470-453d-a549-4dc832056669-original experimental biology software experimental biology bioinformatics


Meet us at qPCR & NGS Event 2015 in Freising Weihenstephan, Germany!

March 2015, Freising, Germany

BioSistemika was the gold sponsor at the 7th international qPCR & NGS Event – Advanced Molecular Diagnostics.  Besides the interesting lecture held by Dr Matjaz Hren “Reducing time and error rates by automating qPCR workflows” and presenting our products & software development expertise, we had a chance to talk to the key opinion leaders from the molecular diagnostics industry:

Podcast Interviews with Key Opinion Leaders:

The digital age is excellent! Meet Dr Afif Abdel Nour, Field Application Scientist for the Middle East, Turkey and Africa at Bio Rad Laboratories

The scariest thing you can see as a doctor is at 3 am in an emergency room when someone approaches you with a vast pile of print outs from the internet. Meet Dr Michael Rhodes, Director of Collaborations and Application Development at NanoString

Just sequence yourself in the future! Meet Fang Chen, BGI – Beijing Genomics Institute, the world’s largest genomics organization

We’ve got a device now that is able to do qPCR anywhere! Meet Jo- Ann Stanton, leader of the Freedom4 development at Ubiquitome

Think Beyond the PhD – Into the Big World of Small RNAs! Meet Jan Hellemans, CEO of Biogazelle, focused on unraveling the coding and non-coding regions of the genome.

Making an Impact – Producing Good, Reproducible Science! Meet Justin O’Grady, Lecturer in Medical Microbiology, University of East Anglia and Managing Editor of the BDQ Biomolecular Detection and Quantification Journal.


The launch of SPLICE – COFFEE BREAK BLOG for molecular biologists and life scientists!

March 2015



Enjoy reading concise articles, use free apps for labs and listen to interesting podcast interviews with key opinion leaders in the field of molecular biology & life sciences. We welcome contributions from interested individuals, scientists, researchers, students etc. If there is an interesting subject in the field of molecular biology you would like to write about or feel inspired by, let us know:


Meet us at SLAS 2015, Washington DC, US!

February 2015, Washington DC, US

SLAS2015_BioSistemikaSLAS welcomed 4,695 participants from 34 countries to SLAS2015, the Fourth Annual SLAS Conference and Exhibition, held at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, DC, Feb. 7-11, 2015. Read more

BioSistemika at SLAS 2015 Video!



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