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Data flow is how your data moves around space, how it changes, where it lives, who looks at it and how it transforms while flowing between places in the laboratory. 

Data flow architects design digital data flows in your laboratory. 

Digital data flows are also a disruptive force. Stay ahead of time by riding the waves of disruption.




Digitalization strategy

We developed a digitalization framework that will make sure that you reach the milestones and goals. You will assess the current state, set the goals, define the solutions and implement the strategy. And we’ll safely guide you along this exciting digitalization journey.

User adoption

One of the main challenges when implementing digitalization strategy is user adoption. Our digitalization framework covers proven user onboarding techniques that ensure long-term user satisfaction and top performance.

Data handling

Laboratories are data factories. But only the data handling strategy can turn data into a valuable asset. Your digitalization journey starts by taking good care of your most valuable asset.

Automated data flows

Our motto is “Data and machines seamlessly integrated.” Your data wants to freely flow between machines and people. This eliminates the errors and significantly improves data analysis pipelines.

Laboratory automation 

Working in a digital world needs to be easier than now. Laboratory process automation brings an unprecedented level of reliability, performance and satisfaction. You’ll rest assured that you produce only high-quality data.

Business intelligence

It’s time to denounce laboratory as being merely a cost centre. Digital transformation will give you unprecedented insight into the business performance of the laboratory. You will get actionable insights and even increase the value of the laboratory.


You are a C-level executive

You want to digitally transform the company. You need advice on how to set a digitalization strategy that would be accepted and adopted throughout the company.


You are Head of R&D

Your employees are using paper notebooks to keep records of their work. They also run around the lab with USB flash drives to transfer data from the instruments into a spreadsheet. You are struggling with human errors and process inefficiency.


You are Digitalization officer

You already implemented several digital solutions, but are struggling with user adoption, which is putting the whole project at risk.



Start your lab digitalization journey here.

Digitalization is a complex process that needs to be carefully planned and executed. To help you get started we prepared a 10-Step Guide to Digitalizing your Laboratory. 


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