qPCR workflow automation software GENEIO

A desktop software that connects the complete qPCR workflow

Faster, simpler and more efficient qPCR

Browse all data

All experimental files and results are stored in one place, giving you a complete process overview and helping you schedule your team´s work.

Everything traceable

GENEIO automatically associates experiment with samples, reagents, protocols, results, and users, fulfilling all necessary traceability requirements.

Increased throughput

In a case study, researchers at the National Institute of Biology increased their throughput by 33% due to automated experiment setup and data analysis.

GENEIO workflow software reduces time spent on routine tasks, provides full traceability of data and helps lab employees who need to deliver reliable results within limited time and budget.

It can be accessed from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Supported qPCR thermal cyclers

Import raw data and get analyzed results

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