Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia

We are looking for a new front-end JavaScript developer to join our ranks.

You will join our development team responsible for developing customized turnkey desktop and web applications for our customers. Our applications are mostly tailored to automate various workflows in life science labs, and integrate with the laboratory instruments.

More concretely, you will join development team responsible for developing a new internal software solution for one of our key customers. As a front-end JavaScript developer, you will primarily be involved in setting up the front-end JavaScript architecture for the product, work the front-end codebase for the features of the software, and performing code reviews of the JavaScript parts of the codebase.

We’re looking for

  • At least one previous employment (software development) in a company setting
  • At least 4 years of experience with web application development
  • In-depth knowledge of JavaScript language, and its usage within the modern browsers
  • At least 2 years of experience with React or Angular
  • Have good understanding of how front-end and back-end are related – have deep understanding of HTTP, AJAX, REST; understand how state is managed in SPAs, and regular web applications
  • Used to work with JavaScript package & build tools (yarn, npm, webpack, …)
  • Knowledge of modern JavaScript pre-processors, flavours (e.g. ECMAScript, Babel, TypeScript)
  • Understand development concepts such as OOP, design patterns, SOA, MVC, SOLID, layering, …
  • University degree from the field of computer information sciences, electrical engineering, mathematics, physics or related natural sciences (or a good reason for not having one)
  • Experience with Git version control
  • Knowledge of web application security, and different authentication & authorization mechanisms (e.g. tokens, OAuth, JWT, SAML, …)
  • Good knowledge of English – you will be using it every day
  • Used to work with good development practices such as Code review and awareness of importance of QA/QC in software development
  • Self-initiative and eagerness for learning new things and self-improvement
  • Positive, make-it-happen, lead-by-example attitude

Your responsibilities

  • Main responsibility will be specification, preparation and implementation of the JavaScript front-end architecture of internal software for one of our key customers
  • Work efficiently as part of the team with other software developers, UX/UI specialists, product managers and quality assurance
  • Coach junior developers that join the team
  • Continue to become familiar with new tools, languages, software, data and other related technologies useful for your work and profession

Nice-to-have skills

  • Knowledge of front-end state-management frameworks (Redux, Mobx, …)
  • Knowledge of developing Progressive Web Apps (PWAs), and associated technologies (WebSockets, web/local storage, …)
  • Good understanding of the HTML5 standard
  • Knowledge of front-end components libraries (e.g. Bootstrap, Material-UI, Semantic UI, Telerik, DevExpress, SyncFusion, …)
  • Experience with Push notifications
  • Experience in Ruby on Rails, or some other full-stack web development framework (e.g. Python/Django, Golang, Elixir/Phoenix, …)
  • Experience with JavaScript testing frameworks (e.g. Jest, Jasmine, …)
  • Experience with good UI&UX practices for web application development, and CSS and its derivatives (SASS, SCSS, …)
  • Experience with GraphQL
  • Passion for test/design/behavior-driven development

We offer

We are a young, dynamic team that originated from a startup environment.

We offer a permanent full-time job position, with a six-month probationary period, located in Ljubljana, Slovenia (we are not looking for remote work).

Our working hours are flexible, including work-from-home days.

Team spirit is important to us so we have company trips, occasional travelogues and game-nights.

Your education and personal growth matters to us. Every employee can expand knowledge, skills, learn about new tools on annual trainings (conferences, webinars, workshops, study retreats etc.), work on pet projects and suggest improvements. We also provide a company Udemy license for all your e-learning needs. In addition to that we also offer individual career path development which includes promotions for employees who are willing to take on more responsibilities, specialize into a certain field, or similar.

Salary and financial benefits: in addition to salary every employee receives annual summer-holiday-bonus and end-of-the-year incentive.