DNA Data Storage

Title of the RRI project: DNA Data Storage
Project acronym: DNADS
Project duration: 28. 09. 2017 – 27. 03. 2019
Predicted value of the project: 437.126,77 EUR
Predicted co-financing of the project: 196.707,05 EUR

An Innovative Upgrade to DNA Engineering

BioSistemika, research and development, LLC, is a spin-out of Ljubljana’s National Institute of biology. In recent years, we have developed a smart software environment for diagnostic and molecular biology laboratories, which use molecular techniques for their analytical work. We, therefore, operate in a niche market segment and have an advantage over our wider competition, mainly because of our interdisciplinary team, composed of experts from the information technology field, as well as experts from the fields of molecular biology, biotechnology, and biochemistry. This combination of knowledge and different points of view makes our products more intuitive to use and allows us to better solve specific issues and problems that arise from our customers that work in the field of molecular biology. In the cross-section of two scientific areas that, at a first glance, seem quite distinct, but are in fact exceptionally complementary, we have managed to identify several different synergies. These synergies could profoundly contribute to, not only the development of medicine and science, but also the information technology, especially in the sense of market’s needs for solutions, specified above. The innovative content of our proposed development project – storing data in DNA – is also based on these synergies.

The project “DNA data storage” represents an innovative upgrade to DNA engineering, a method that is specific to a relatively limited biological field but brings it into a much broader scope of use. It has the potential to reach everyday consumers and to influence our everyday life as a technology that could keep the information society efficient and growing, despite the enormous amount of data it produces and stores. With this project, we strive to bring the biological complexity of the DNA molecule into everyday use, outside the laboratory. We are developing a new and innovative approach that will give us a solid and usable product. This can only be achieved by highly coordinated interdisciplinary cooperation and incorporation of high-tech knowledge from different fields of life sciences, information technology, computer science, business management, and marketing.

Project objectives description:

  1. Development, validation and patent application of the technology for storing data in DNA
  2. Creation of a longer sequence of data, using our innovative technology
  3. Preparation of a conceptual solution for commercialization of the technology for storing data in DNA

In terms of content, the project “DNA Data Storage” can be included in a wider priority field 2.1. – Healthy living and working environment, and a narrower priority field 2.1.1. – Smart cities and communities. In terms of specified objectives of the priority field, which also includes the development of global competitive system solutions in the field of smart grids and IT platforms with user solutions, the objectives of the priority field and our proposed project fully match. Especially the realization of the above specified and described project objective “Development, validation and patent application of the technology for storing data in DNA” with accompanying objectives in terms of practical realization to the phase suitable for the commercialization of the technology. It represents a global competitive solution which efficiently eliminates current problems of storing data on a global level and in a systemic way, which is suitable for storing any kind of data and in any form.

“The investment is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union, from the European Regional Development Fund”.

More information on the ECP in Slovenia website.