LIMS and ELN consulting

Streamline your LIMS or ELN selection with our proven methodology, finding your perfect laboratory solution tailored to your specific needs.

Choosing the right LIMS and ELN is challenging

With so many options available on the market, finding the right LIMS system or ELN solution for your laboratory is a time-consuming and overwhelming task. Our proven, unbiased methodology will help you find the perfect solution among all the options on the market, tailored to your laboratory specifics and needs.

You can free up your valuable time and concentrate on your expertise while we excel in ours.

Why work with us?

We speak “Science”

 Interdisciplinary team with a diverse background

Experts from a wide range of health and life science fields

Experience with hands-on laboratory work

We are vendor independent

Objective and impartial services with quality control assurance

Full commitment to client’s needs

Unbiased recommendations for the best solution on the market

We are experienced

Skilled project managers and consultants

In-depth understanding of laboratory needs and goals

Prompt and cost-effective delivery for your implementation process

Optimize your resources

Drawing from our extensive experiences and insights shared by other customers, our services are projected to provide significant time and cost savings.

You are projected to spend 2x less time and only 80% of your budget that would typically be required for this project if you do it on your own.

Additionally, you will avoid costly mistakes that may become apparent in the future.

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Get clear understanding of LIMS and ELN selection process

Our experts prepared a free guide with which you will:

      Explore LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) and ELN (Electronic Laboratory Notebook) solutions’ benefits and compare their purposes.

    Get a clear overview of all important aspects to consider when selecting the perfect LIMS software or ELN laboratory software solution.

    Discover valuable insights into some of the most common pitfalls to avoid during the business analysis and selection process.

Our approach

The LIMS or ELN consulting project begins with the first meeting to discuss and understand your needs and high-level requirements. Using this information, we will provide estimates for the consulting. Upon agreement, we will proceed with lab assessment and solution identification.

We have compiled a comprehensive database of 150+ LIMS and ELN solutions, encompassing all relevant parameters and specifications.

Furthermore, we have established templates and workflows that are designed to collect all the necessary requirements in order to identify the most suitable solution from our database.

This eliminates the need for you to invest excessive time and effort in searching for suitable options or new systems that can also be integrated with other systems such as ERP system (Enterprise Resource Planning).

Watch our webinar

Recently we hosted a webinar on the topicLIMS and ELN selection and implementation: How to make the right decision for your laboratory“.

Watch the webinar to discover:

   Introduction to Lab Digitalization: Understand the necessity and impact of transitioning to LIMS and ELN systems.

   Comprehensive Steps for Selection: From assessing your lab’s needs to defining your requirements and evaluating solutions, gain actionable insights into choosing the right software.

   Implementation Strategies: Explore best practices for technical implementation, HR considerations, training strategies, and overcoming common challenges.

You will benefit from

Saving valuable time (hundreds of hours)

Focusing on your core activities

Having a solution that fits best

How can we help you?

Leave us a message, and our specialists for ELN and LIMS consulting will contact you shortly based on your user requirements and business processes.