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We work tightly with your team to set up a digital transformation strategy tailored to your needs, with no interruption to daily routine.

Increase your efficiency and productivity

Increase your efficiency and productivity

  • We listen to your challenges and help you define your requirements.
  • We have a deep understanding of highly complex workflows.
  • Our team performs comprehensive gap analysis and help you define priorities.
Increase your efficiency and productivity

Work towards data integrity

  • We propose the optimal solution to your challenge based on our deep understanding of the field.
  • We guide your team throughout the implementation process.
  • Our experienced project managers make sure that the project stays within the predicted scope and timeline.

Embrace the digital culture

  • Our onboarding approach has been successful with more than 100 laboratories.
  • We follow the “train the trainer” approach and help you identify and train evangelists within your organization.
  • We provide you with change management guidelines.

“A good user adoption strategy can make the difference between success and failure in digitalization.”


Methodology – our approach to digitalization projects

BioSistemika provides a wholesome solution that helps laboratories to plan digitalization projects and implement solutions that fit their needs.

Our services include:

01 Evaluation of the current state-of-the-art

02 Fit/gap analysis & solution proposal

03 Digitalization strategy & implementation plan

04 Implementation of solutions

05 Change management consulting

06 Laboratory software products

07 Custom software development

We follow a 4-step framework and work tightly with your team, with little interruption to their daily routine. In three to six months, depending on your organization size, you will have a clear digitalization strategy and implementation plan ready. 

Below you can see a timeline of a typical digitalization consulting project for smaller organizations. In a Fit/gap analysis stage BioSistemika’s experts will recommend solutions (ELN, LIMS, LIS, EBR, etc.) that address customer requirements.

Digitalization consulting timeline

A demonstration of a simple diagnostic workflow prepared during the second stage – Fit/gap analysis & solution proposal. BioSistemika is using BPMN notation for business process mapping.

Digi process mapping

We adapt our methodology based on your requirements, level of digital maturity, organization size, and availability of human resources.

We can help you with:

  • The first two steps, while you work internally on the rest.
  • All four steps, collaborating tightly with you throughout the process.
  • Extending our collaboration with custom software solution development or consulting on change management.
Digitalization consulting deliverables

Get more insights on digital transformation in our new book!


We co-wrote and co-edited the book Digital Transformation of the Laboratory: A Practical Guide to the Connected Lab (2021, SciNote LLC, BioSistemika d.o.o., Wiley Inc.). The book delivers essential and transformative new insights into current and future technologies and strategies for the digitization. o

The book thoroughly addresses the following topics:

  • An introduction to the evolution of the modern laboratory, including the next big developments that lead to the lab of the future.
  • A knowledge base on laboratory software solutions, data safety and cybersecurity, FAIR principles and other topics.
  • Practical guidelines on how to approach digitalization and digital transformation, how to address user adoption challenges and explanation of relevant laboratory standards, regulations and guidelines.
  • Numerous case studies from experts that work in the field of diagnostics, research and enterprise environments.
Wiley book mockup
The book is a result of collaboration between different authors: researchers, business owners, consultants, managers, and professors who wrote about their hands-on experience and provided valuable insights on the subject of digital transformation. You can find more details about the book on this link or directly order the book at Wiley or Amazon.

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