DATANA DNA Data Storage

Helping humanity store every bit of data using next-gen technologies.

DATANA, the project by BioSistemika, is addressing one of the key challenges of the digital era: data storage.

The world is facing an alarming shortage of storage supply for the growing production of digital data.

That is why our team of experts aims to deliver the first commercially viable benchtop DNA writer for encoding large amounts of digital data.

Our patented technology enables DNA data storage with significant advantages in terms of data density, stability, and sustainability.

We need to address the data storage problem

We only store 50% of the data we generate today, which is projected to drop to 20% by 2025.

Data centres will consume 20% of the world’s power supply by 2025.

Data storage accounts for 2% of global greenhouse emissions, on par with the airline industry.

The lifespan of current data storage media is only up to 15 years.

DNA is the solution

As a storage medium, DNA is incomparably more efficient than any of humanity’s artificial technology. 

As a storage medium, DNA is incomparably more efficient than any of humanity’s existing technologies

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Holds a million times more data compared to existing media thanks to its unique structure

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Remains preserved over a million years without the need for maintenance or electricity

Making science fiction a reality

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DNA data storage is the process of utilizing DNA molecules as the next-generation storage medium.

This method encodes and stores binary data (labeled as 0 and 1) into DNA bases (labeled as A, C, G, and T), and decodes the data back to binary.

The DATANA team is bringing this process into everyday commercial and personal use with its patented benchtop DNA writer. The cutting-edge innovation aims to drastically reduce the overwhelming economical, spatial, and environmental impact associated with the digital data storage industy.

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