Digital NGS and HTS workflow platform

Manage your high throughput sequencing workflows in a digital way.

Faster, simpler and more efficient NGS workflow management

Everything in one place

Digital NGS workflows are ready to use, with all the protocols and steps ready for execution, giving you a complete overview of the NGS library prep.

Traceable workflows

NGS workflows contain preset protocols and give you the option to add and record sample data and results, along with automated traceability of all executed steps. This gives you full traceability of your wet lab.

Increased efficiency

Digitized solutions with the ability to use NGS workflows as templates reduce the time required to plan and execute complex NGS workflows.

Supported NGS workflows

Illumina and IonTorrent library preparation workflows are supported. The platform offers you to add custom workflows.

With our platform you will digitize your NGS workflows, reduce the time required for planning and keeping up with manual traceability.

You will be able to keep the protocols, protocol execution records, and interim results in one place. Visual NGS workflows ensure an excellent overview of your progress.

The platform can be accessed via a browser on your computers, tablets, or smartphones.

Want to learn more about the digital NGS workflow platform?

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