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What is Your Field of Work?

Instrument Manufacturer

Instrument Manufacturer

We develop custom software for instruments that are used in Life Science R&D, Diagnostic or Pharma labs. Send us a short instrument description or brief User Requirements Specification (URS) and we will discuss further details with you on a meeting.

Software Provider

Software Provider

We develop APIs and connect different platforms. We strongly believe that interoperability will change science for the better and that putting emphasis on user experience results in a stronger competitive advantage.

Research and Development

Research and Development

Working in R&D and need custom software for your company or research group? We can develop easy-to-use solutions for data management, data analysis, or any other dedicated software tailored to your specific needs.

Our Software Will Meet Your Expectation and Expectation of Your Clients



A multidisciplinary team with experienced Life Science PhDs and programmers with decades of cumulative experience in the Bio-IT field. We understand our clients' needs and we deliver.



We help you get the software to the market faster than your competition. We provide you with constant project oversight, regardless of the implemented methodology (e.g. Waterfall or SCRUM).



We always meet our client’s expectations. You know exactly what you are paying for. We aim to become your trusted partner for laboratory automation and on-demand software development.

We Help at Every Step of the Process

We can help you at any step of the software development process, from defining the software specifications, writing the code, testing the software, to regularly maintaining it. In case you do not have an internal IT team or your IT team is busy with other projects, we can also take over the complete process and develop custom software for you. 

We Specialize In


Our software can be hosted on local servers or on private or public clouds.


We develop all sorts of standalone desktop or embedded PC applications.


We master the development of native and cross-platform mobile applications.


Our software can interface with lab instruments or other third-party software.

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